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April 9, 2020 | Jessica Caron

April 9, 2020 | By David Rivers, The Palomar Group 

The foundation of the Palomar team is athletics.  Being successful in athletics is much more than talent, score, outcomes and individual performances.  Long before any of these accomplishments are achieved, countless hours are spent preparing, training, and long days investing in your trade when no one else is around.  To get where we are today, The Palomar Group as a company, and as individuals, have leaned on many principles engrained in us through years of athletics: accountability, work ethic, self-motivation, appreciation, self-discipline, coachability, managing stress, setting goals, teamwork, communication, resiliency and many others.

In dealing with the current COVID-19 Pandemic, it gives us the great opportunity to lean on another battle tested principle: TRAINING.  In every season of sports there’s an offseason.  How you spend your time training in the offseason has a direct correlation on what type of success you’ll have in the upcoming season. The uncertain market we are currently in gives us the opportunity to reset our minds to the offseason; to invest time and effort into preparing ourselves for the upcoming season.  While we do not know when that upcoming season will begin, we find ourselves in the fortunate position of having more time on our hands to train. Success will be determined by how best we all use that time.  Markets will come back. The question is when they come back will we have prepared ourselves to fully capitalize on the opportunities the industry will present.

I heard an extremely applicable quote the other day, “Tough times never last, tough people do”. Toughness is developed from training, preparation and hard work.  When faced with tough times, how do we respond? Do we rise to the challenge? Have we trained and prepared ourselves to capitalize on the opportunities?

The Palomar Group team’s foundation was built on preparation, training and hard work. This is the time when we are the most comfortable and we respond the best. We train, we educate ourselves, we sharpen our skillset and we prepare for the abundance of opportunities that lay ahead. Our sleeves are rolled up, the alarms are set a little earlier than normal and we accept the challenge COVID-19 has delivered to us. We are attacking every day with great conviction, a drive to better ourselves, our clients and our communities.  This is officially the offseason, lace them up, get uncomfortable and put the hard work in to ensure future success.  We will all be better for this and we will make the most of every opportunity. No matter how big or small your need may be in the real estate industry today, reach out to a Palomar team member as we are here, and we are working harder than ever to ensure success for our clients.


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