celebrate the wins

Celebrate The Wins

July 2, 2020 | Jessica Caron

June 29, 2020 | By Ryan McArdle, The Palomar Group 

Growing up in sports I always enjoyed the work and preparation that came along with improvement in competition. While not always blessed with the quickest 40 or the highest vertical, I could carry my own in most instances. However, not always being the most physically gifted on the field left plenty of room for improvement and the willingness to outwork others is where I often found my edge.

No one loves training. We train at the end of the day so that we can compete. The game is where most of the joy is often found and where if you win, it can be especially rewarding. An edge in training however is more often than not where the differences are made. For me to keep that edge, I often had to set attainable goals that would keep me motivated and give me small and quantifiable WINS.

Today, as a partner in a rapidly expanding investment sales firm, I am still a firm believer in celebrating the small wins. As a firm, setting small attainable goals and celebrating them both individually and corporately is what helps keep us motivated, encouraged, and hungry in good times and in bad.

It is easy to get caught in the trap of looking at long term goals and objectives. If as a broker the only measure of success I had was whether I got the deal done or not I would set myself up for a terribly negative view of myself and my company. The fact is, the nature of our business is you get a lot of no’s and you had better get used to them quick. Phone calls can end abruptly oftentimes. Deals don’t get listed and contracts fall apart, that’s just a part of the business.

What we have tried to make sure we are doing at The Palomar Group is setting and celebrating attainable WINS. Did the prospect I was reaching out to answer? WIN! Did I have a good conversation and leave with more of a relationship than I had previously? WIN! Did I turn a call about one asset into a conversation about three more? WIN

Celebrate the WINS, enjoy the journey, and understand that every step forward is a step towards greatness! You don’t have to get there overnight, build your success with small WINS along the way!

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