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Support Local and Give Challenge

March 25, 2020 | Jessica Caron


Local businesses are the bedrock of our communities.  These businesses employ our friends, neighbors, children and are a major component of our economy.  Private businesses and individuals that are financially able, need to support the local restaurants and shops that are still open to assure that they will not only be alive but able to thrive when we emerge from this crisis.

The Palomar Group is excited to announce the SUPPORT LOCAL AND GIVE CHALLENGE.  This challenge is to support local businesses that are still open during this difficult time as well as to provide goods to non-profits, first responders, healthcare and any other groups that have a need for them.


The rules are simple. If nominated, complete the following three tasks:

Step 1. Purchase goods from a local vendor

Step 2. Give the goods away — donate to either a local charity/non-profit that’s low on supplies, health care workers that are on the front line, supply chain drivers or distribution companies that are keeping the economy alive, grocery store clerks, employees that are quarantined, first responders, sheriff’s deputies, etc.

Step 3. Nominate two businesses or individuals to participate in the SUPPORT LOCAL & GIVE CHALLENGE. (Post to social media using #SupportLocalAndGive to join the movement!)

Palomar’s Local Vendor and Beneficiary: Gary’s Hamburgers & YMCA

1st two Augusta nominations are Wier Stewart and Jordan Trotter Commercial Real Estate.

The foundation of this great country is community support and lifting up your neighbors in a time of need.  Be safe, take appropriate precautions and God Bless!

Feel free to reach out to one of the Palomar team members for ideas.


  • The YMCA has converted portions of four Augusta locations to Day Care facilities that are strictly for the children of parents that healthcare professionals that are on the front line daily fighting the COVID crisis. (Contact Catie McCauley: 706-922-8887)
    • Lunch
      • Monday, Wednesday, Friday: They have an arrangement with Papa Johns, the cost is $100 per day/ approx $300 per week.  So long as the ingredients are to the YMCA guidelines a nominee may be able to make arrangements with another pizza place in town
      • Tuesday, Thursday: Meat and Grain meaning Burgers, tacos, bbq, etc. Vendor solution suggestions are Gary’s Hamburgers, a Mexican Restaurant, Southbound (contact George Clausen (706) 373-2223 to make arrangements)
    • Flowers: the YMCA has previously had the children give their parents flowers when picked up
    • Ice Cream/ Cookies: Two Moms Cookies
  • Boys & Girls Club of the CSRA is doing whatever it takes to Make Sure Club Members have access to meals during school & Club closures due to COVID-19.
    • Check out their video here
  • Golden Harvest Food Bank: Please visit our COVID-19 response page for the latest updates about how to support, donate, get food assistance or sign-up to volunteer. (here)
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