Palomar Responds to The Wall Street Journal: “Landlords Were Never Meant to Get PPP Bailout Funds”

May 27, 2020 | By David Rivers, The Palomar Group  The Wall Street Journal recently ran a poorly written article that negatively portrayed landlords that were recipients of PPP funding (article Landlords Were Never Meant to Get PPP Bailout Funds). On the surface, one would believe commercial real estate companies should not have received an enormous […]

Palomar Internship Program

May 15, 2020 | The Palomar Group  We are the unknown side of Real Estate! Investment Real Estate We are not a typical Real Estate Brokerage where the transaction is focused on finding homes for families or individuals to live in or matching businesses with vacant office buildings. We sell shopping centers, malls, office towers, […]

Ep.8 Palomar Perspective with Danny Holland, President and COO at Epic Realty Partners

MAY 7, 2020 | THE PALOMAR GROUP On Episode 8 of the Palomar Perspective, Ryan McArdle has a conversation with Danny Holland, President and COO at Epic Real Estate Partners. In this episode, Ryan and Danny discuss everything from the toughest things Danny has had to deal with while building his business to how his hometown of Austin is dealing with the loss of @SXSW and other […]